Let me start by saying…

Hi, thanks for checking me out I’m the guy behind TEACH U2, a business idea I first created way back in 1999, after completing a successful career in the Armed Forces . Since then I have had a passion for Internet Marketing and first came across WordPress in 2004.  Over the years I have witnessed it’s growth in popularity, to where it is today, as one of the worlds most popular Content Management Systems (CMS).

For over a decade now I have helped many people, throughout Greater Manchester and Worldwide, both business owners and private individuals alike. Guiding and helping them gain a foothold in the world of internet marketing. Covering everything from basic computer literacy, to email marketing, HTML, Web Design, Photoshop, to Social Media, Affiliate Marketing and Making Money Online.

Today WordPress provides a great foundation on which to build your online content and more importantly manage your work/project via the browser, life before WordPress was very different.  WordPress is without doubt a real game changer, which allows almost anyone with the right guidance to create a profitable online business.

There is nothing original about WordPress Wednesday, there are many others teaching and running similar courses, meet ups, workshops etc.. all over the country.  Although I was not the first to come up with the idea of “WordPress Wednesday”, and no doubt the last, what I am sure about is that you will learn some great new skills and have fun along the way.

WordPress was first introduced in 2001, and has continued to evolve almost every year since, the buzzword today is “Responsive Design”, the clever people who help to shape WordPress have embraced this and made it much easier for us all to create content that adapts to handheld devices, smart phones etc… There is no reason why we all cant have a great looking website that reacts to change. Many local Businesses have often outsourced their web design and paid ongoing fees for updates and changes subsequently made, however a website built on a WordPress platform will give you back this control and ownership of your intellectual property. With the right guidance anyone with limited experience can learn how to use WordPress effectively.

The real purpose of this page is to help illustrate part of my journey in becoming someone who can help you progress in your knowledge of owning, running and managing your own WordPress website. Be it for business or personal use.

To teach any subject effectively you must first have a depth of knowledge of the subject being taught, experience also plays it’s part, above all you will need the confidence and enthusiasm to deliver great training, my true passion has always been to be in a position to teach and influence others, there is no greater feeling, than knowing you have helped to shape someone’s future though education no matter what the subject may be.

If you feel that I can help you gain a better understanding of WordPress and take you beyond the basics then why not join me on one of my WordPress training sessions or workshops. Call/TEXT me today on 07707 225 450 I will be happy to help.